Creating a Recurring Voice Broadcasts (Beta)

The video below shows how to create a broadcast that repeats according to a schedule that you set. 

Please note: The recurring broadcast feature is only available on the credits (Pay-As-You-Go) plan.


Recurring broadcasts are a useful tool available on the Pay-As-You-Go plan for customers who will be sending reminders, collection calls, and/or recurring events notices to a particular contact group. This cool feature allows you to schedule the recurring broadcasts for the future for our system to send out as specified. For instance, if I wanted to remind my employees about our weekly Monday afternoon meeting, I could create a recurring broadcast to be sent out to all of my employees every week on Monday morning at 9:00 am until the end of the year.  

To set up a recurring broadcast, follow the steps listed below: 

Click the Create A Broadcast tab at the top of the page (1).  In the 'Useful Tips' section on the right side, click the 'How to schedule a recurring broadcast' link (2).  Then click the 'HERE' link to begin scheduling your recurring broadcast (3).

Once you are at the 'Managing your schedules' screen, click the 'Add a New Schedule' button.

When the 'Adding a new schedule' screen opens, fill in the fields with the appropriate information.  You'll need to:
  • A - Name the broadcast
  • B - Set the caller ID number (if you'd like it to be different than the default number)
  • C - Select the contact list that you'd like to call
  • D - Select the start and end date for recurring broadcasts
  • E - Pick the broadcast type - Announcement/Voice, SMS/ Text Message, SMS to Opt-ins & Voice to remainder, and SMS to Opt-ins & Voice to All 

Next, depending on the broadcast type that you selected, you'll: 
  • Type your text message. Note that the maximum character length is 160 within the US and 136 characters in Canada.​
  • Select the audio from your AUDIO LIBRARY messages

NOTE: Contact groups have to be created prior to scheduling a recurring broadcast.  To create a new contact group, click the CONTACT tab at the top of the page then click the 'Create New Group' link on the left side.  Also, the desired audio must be pre-recorded through the AUDIO LIBRARY  prior to scheduling the broadcast. To do so, click the AUDIO LIBRARY tab at the top of the page.  Select 'Call in to Record Audio' from the Add Audio drop down menu.

Lastly, you will need to indicate the frequency and timing of the broadcast and then click 'Create Schedule'.
  • Select frequency of broadcast.
  • Select day of the week of call (if applicable)
  • Select start time for the call

- OR -

Some advanced options (that are optional) include:
  • Being able to repeat a task at pre-set intervals until a certain time
  • Ability to indicate that you'd like to be notified when scheduled broadcasts go out

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