Preferences: Adjusting Your Call Speed

The Call Speed feature is a great tool that helps you manage incoming responses to a broadcast you sent out. By adjusting the rate that your calls are sent out,  you can control the number and speed of responses. The call speed defaults to the maximum call speed of approximately 2,500 calls per minute which could cause your call center a lot of problems if you request a response from your call recipients in your broadcast. The Call Speed feature will allow you to adjust the call rate (calls/minute) to meet your needs.

To update your Call Speed you can do the following:

Log on to your account and click on the MY ACCOUNT TAB.

2. Next, click on the update link under the Preferences field.

3. In the final step you can adjust the Call Speed to the rate desired.

Once the Call Speed feature has been changed it will only effect future broadcasts that are sent out. 

If the Call Speed rate you selected is still sending out your calls too fast you can pause your broadcast. A broadcast can be paused first by clicking on the Home tab (1) and then the name of the broadcast you wish to pause (2):

Next, click the 'Pause' button in the upper left corner:

Once you are ready to restart your broadcast you can select the  button and your calls will continue going out. You can pause and restart as often as you need to.

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