Phone Number History Look-Up

The Phone Number History look-up tool allows you to view the history of any number contacted from your account. to see if a number was called, the dates it was called, the result of the call, and more. This information is available to export right from our website into a CSV file. To access this information first you will need to:

  1. Click on the Reports section, located under your name on the upper right corner of the account.  
  2. Next click on the report called "Phone Number History"
  3. Insert the phone number you wish to search into the required box and click "Get Number History" button.

Once you click the Get Number history button, it will export the information for that phone number into a CSV spreadsheet. 

What's included in the report?
  • The phone number contacted
  • Call result: The result of the call or text message sent to the number.
  • Call Broadcast ID: The unique identification number for the broadcast sent to the individual
  • Broadcast Name
  • Message: Displays the text for outbound text message broadcasts or the audio ID for calls.
  • Number of Attempts
  • Last Call Date: Date and time of the most recent message sent. (For a number attempted more than once, this will show the date/time for the most recent attempt.)
  • Broadcast Type: Will distinguish call types versus text types.

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