Creating Voice Only Broadcasts

Once you log on to your Call-Em-All account, the first step to creating a broadcast is clicking on one of the two sections labeled CREATE A BROADCAST. 

Once you arrive at the create a broadcast screen: 

STEP 1: What type of broadcast would you like to create?

  • Select the message types
    • VOICE ONLY - Sends a voice call to all numbers.
    • VOICE & Text -  Sends a text to all of the cell phone numbers and a voice call to all landlines that are unable to receive a text. 
  • Name the broadcast (for your reference only)
  • Confirm the caller ID number you wish to appear when a contact sees an incoming call. 
  • Select the Broadcast Type

STEP 2: Who would you like to receive this message?

  • Select from the three options
    • ADD FROM EXISTING CONTACTS - Allows you to select from groups listed under the CONTACTS section of the account.
    • UPLOAD A FILE - Allows you to upload an excel file list of numbers
    • ADD INDIVIDUALLY - Allows you to complete a short form for each number entry.

STEP 3: When would you like the broadcast to start?

  • Select the time that you would like the message to start.
    • Start Immediately [YES] - As soon as you are done recording and saved your message, the broadcast will begin to go out
    • Start Immediately [NO] - Allows you to select a specific date and time that you would like the broadcast to begin. 

STEP 4: What is your voice message?

  • Select from the three message options

STEP 5: Review and Submit

Review the selected options and submit the form for recording instructions and the message can be viewed on the HOME page.

If your account does not appear like the example shown above  click here to view the newest version of this page or contact our team at 877-226-3080 to update your account. 

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