Managing Messengers

There are two ways to have multiple people use your Call-Em-All account.

1.  Sharing your username and password with someone within your organization. You may tell your friends or coworkers this secure information and they will be able to login to both our website and create a broadcast over the phone.

2.  Creating Messengers which are sub-accounts that will have their own specific username and password. Messengers are created through the Settings page (click on your name in the top right corner of the page and select SETTINGS from the menu that appears. Click on Messengers on the left side of the page. Then click +Add.

3. Disabling Messengers by clicking the orange check mark to the left of the messenger's username that you would like to disable. This will remove the messenger's access to their messenger account. 

A pop-up will appear and you can start filling out the information. This is very similar to how you set up your account but you have the privilege of deciding how much information they can see.

  • Email Username and Password - We can email the Username and Password after you create it
  • Can see all broadcasts - You can choose if you would like to have this Messenger ONLY see the broadcast he makes or if he can see all broadcast he makes in addition to the ones you make and any broadcasts other Messengers make.
  • Can see all lists - You can choose if the Messenger can only see the lists in his Contacts or if he can see the lists in your Contacts and any other Messenger’s Contacts.

After you submit the information, he/she can now login to his own account with his specific username and password and begin making broadcasts!

Note: In order for your Messengers to be able to send text messages from your account.  You'll need to assign them to your accounts toll-free text number.  View this article to learn more about these steps.

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