Launching a Voice Broadcast Completely by Phone

You can send voice broadcasts from your phone without a computer as long as your contacts have previously been added to your account online and you have set up Phone Launch Phone ID and PIN under your My Account tab.

Phone ID and Phone PIN are DIFFERENT than what is used to sign in to the account online.

To set up a Phone ID and a PIN you will need to click on the MY ACCOUNT section 

  • Click the link that reads 'Get Started Now!' or 'Update' 
  • Create a  NUMERICAL Phone ID and PIN number. 
  • Click the 'Submit' or 'Update' button. 

Now that you have set up your Phone ID and PIN, our phone system allows you to quickly send a call while you’re on the go. No internet access is required and your calls will go out as soon as you record your message. When you’re ready for the calls to be made, just call 866.623.7525 and have your Phone ID and PIN handy.

When you launch a broadcast from your phone, your  calling window will be ignored and your calls will be sent immediately.

If you don't want to send your calls to everyone in your contact list, you can  choose a specific group in your contacts to call.

If your account does not appear like the example shown above click here to view the newest version of this page or contact our team at 877-226-3080 to update your account.

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