Adding Audio to Your Account

There are a few ways to add audio to your Call-Em-All account and/or broadcast:

Audio messages that are sent in a broadcast will automatically be saved to the Message Library. If you would like to save them for future use, you can  'Star' them. Audio that is not stared will be archived after approximately 90 days. 

To  record audio for future use:

  • Click +ADD A MESSAGE located below All Messages
  • Using the unique instructions provided, call from any phone to record you message.

To  upload audio for future use:

  • Ensure your audio meets the criteria listed

For the best quality, we suggest recording messages over the phone. Your uploaded audio might be down-sampled to match the quality of the telephone system.

If you have an audio message previously saved to your computer, you can upload that file directly into your broadcast or into the Audio Library in your account. Make sure that your audio meets the following criteria:

  • WAV or MP3 format, 
  • Single Channel audio (mono),
  • 8-bit sampling if using uLaw or 16-bit sampling if using PCM, and
  • 8KHz sampling frequency.

Tip: Audio is archived three months after the last time is was used unless it is favorited. Click the Star icon to favorite audio. Note that 3 months is NOT 90 days. If the last use date is the 31st, the audio will be archived 3 months later regardless if that month ends on the 31st or not. 

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