Connecting to IconCMO

If you use IconCMO for your church's management software, you can access the contact groups you have in IconCMO within your Call-Em-All account. The setup is simple and the steps are outlined below.

Connecting Call-Em-All to IconCMO

Log in to your Call-Em-All account using your Username and Password. Once logged in hover over your name and click MY ACCOUNT. Within the Integrations section, click on the IconCMO logo to add the connection.

Within the box that pops up, you'll want to enter your IconCMO User Name, Password and Phone number. Once verifying your information is correct press Connect Me.

Creating a Broadcast

Once you've successfully connected your IconCMO account, you are ready to create a broadcast using your IconCMO groups. In step 2 of broadcast creation a new button will appear which allows you to choose the groups within IconCMO. Click this button and choose any of the groups you'd like to include in the broadcast. Continue creating the broadcast as you have in the past.

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