The Web Site Doesn't Work on My Kindle Fire

Sadly the default Kindle Fire browser, Silk, doesn't like the Call-Em-All web site.  We're not alone; there are many other sites that don't display or work correctly using the Silk browser. To view the website on the Kindle, you will need to download an alternate browser.  The Firefox and Chrome browsers are alternative options to download on your Kindle Fire.

Instructions for installing Firefox on the Kindle Fire.

  1. Prepare the Kindle to accept 3rd party software. Go to Settings --> Device --> Allow Installation of Applications (From Unknown Sources).  Make sure that the setting is "ON".  The Settings menu can be accessed by pressing the gear symbol which appears on most pages.
  2. Using the Kindle's Silk browser (the default browser), navigate to and press the Download button along the left side of the page.
  3. To view the status of the download, press the page button at the bottom of the Kindle's window and select Downloads.
  4. Find the downloaded file in the resulting view. It should be listed at the top and have a name like "org.mozilla.firefox...").  When the file's status is Complete, touch the file's name to begin the installation.  Follow the prompts from there on and you're done!
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