How Credits Work

Credits are purchased as part of the Pay-As-You-Go plan. This plan allows you to pay only for what you plan to use. Credits are consumed based on the length of your broadcast and the number of recipients. This article explains how credits are consumed based on the type of message you are sending. 

Tip: Credits are pre-purchased and never expire.

Before You Begin

Text Broadcasts Cost

One credit is equal to one outbound 160 character text message per phone number. You can send a text of up to 320 characters. Text messages that include an image (MMS) are 2 credits per recipient regardless of length.  

  • 0-160 character text = 1 credit per number
  • 161-320 character text = 2 credits per number
  • Texts with images = 2 credits per number regardless of length
  • Inbound text messages are always free!

Tip: Credit costs are the same for both broadcasts and 1 to 1 conversations on the Conversations page. 

Voice Broadcasts Cost

One credit is equal to one 30 second voice message. You may record up to 120 seconds. The longer the voice message, the more credits per phone number your broadcast will cost.

  • 1-30 Seconds = 1 credit per number
  • 31-60 Seconds = 2 credits per number
  • 61-90 Seconds = 3 credits per number
  • 91-120 Seconds = 4 credits per number

Tip: Survey calls do not cost anything extra.

Transfer Calls

Successfully connected transfer calls will cost one credit for every minute someone is on the transfer line with you. This is because we host the call when someone transfers to your line through our system.

To learn more about transfer calls, visit Using the Live Transfer Feature.

Pricing Per Credit (for calls placed to US and Canadian phone numbers)

Please contact us at 877-226-3080 or if you plan to purchase over 100,000 credits in a single purchase or if you're contacting phone numbers outside of the United States or Canada.

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