How the Monthly Plan Works

The monthly plan is for users that use our service frequently and send broadcasts out to the same group of numbers. This plan is perfect for schools and churches, for example.

Your group size is the total amount of unique phone numbers that you plan to reach out to each month. Hint: If you're going to contact 100 unique numbers this month, choose the 100 group size.

Contact us at 877-226-3080 or for prices over the 1,000 group size.

QUESTION: Is the monthly plan unlimited?

Sending messages that people are expecting is a great use of this tool. Often times if the contacts began receiving calls in a manner that is too frequent, they begin to opt-out of the calls. Our research shows that sending a call to a single contact 1 to 3 times a week tends to be on the high end of desired calls.

It is understood that you may need to reach out to several different groups throughout your week (and not your whole list every day of the week). This is viewed differently than sending the same phone number a call every day of the week. 

In light of all the information above, you can use the monthly plan whenever you'd like to the same contacts, but make sure you're respectful of how often your audience wants to receive your messages.

QUESTION: Can I change my phone numbers throughout the month?

You can add phone numbers to your account's Contacts section whenever you want. However, when on the monthly plan, we track how many unique phone numbers you reach out to throughout the month. The total number of phone numbers you've reached out to is displayed on your account's homepage. Whenever you contact a phone number, it is added to this unique count and then you are allowed to send them messages as often as needed throughout the remainder of your month.

If your unique count reaches your total size amount (ex: you're on the 100 group size and your unique count is at 100), you will not be able to send messages to any new phone numbers until you either upgrade to the next group size or wait for the next month to start.

Each month your account's unique count will reset to 0. If you want to begin contacting a brand new set of phone numbers, this will be the time you can begin doing so.

QUESTION: When am I billed?

On the monthly plan, you are billed on each month on the same day. We call this the anniversary date. So, if you start using the monthly plan on the 3rd of the present month, you will be billed each month on the 3rd going forward. The same applies for invoicing, except instead of being billed monthly, it will take place every 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on how your invoicing is structured.

Features Pay-as-you-go Monthly
Mass Broadcasts Yes Yes
Auto Opt-Outs Yes Yes
Message Scheduling Yes Yes
Personalization Yes Yes
Survey Yes Yes
Live Transfer Yes No
MMS Yes No
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