How Credits Are Consumed

Credits are deducted from your Call-Em-All account only when a message is successfully delivered to your contacts.


A credit leaves your account when a contact picks up the phone live to hear the voice broadcast or we are able to leave your message on their voicemail. This is done on a per phone number basis. You can review your Broadcast Details to know which contacts fall in which category.


A credit leaves your account whenever you send an outbound text from your account to a phone number. This includes both mass broadcasts and 2-way conversations. This, too, is done on a per phone number basis.

A note on creating broadcasts and purchasing credits:

if you purchase additional credits after setting up a broadcast, those credits will not be recognized by the system as being available. Once a broadcast has been created, it is immediately written to the database. Therefore, you’ll need to have enough credits in your balance for your call before setting up your broadcast.

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