How Contacts Can Opt In to Receiving Messages

If a contact has accidentally opted out or changed their mind, there are several ways for them to begin receiving Call-Em-All messages again.

  • Text Messages
    • The individual can text your account's toll-free number with the word "UNSTOP." For example, text UNSTOP to 888-123-4567 and you'll begin receiving text messages again from this number.
    • On our older short code platform, contacts can text "JOIN [keyword]" to 292929.
  • Phone Calls
    • The Call-Em-All account holder can remove phone numbers from the Opt Out Report.

The image below shows where to access the Opt Out Report and how to remove a phone number from the report to begin receiving voice calls again. The recipient must have given consent to receive your voice calls before you can remove them from the Opt Out Report.

Please note: Opting back in for text messages will not automatically opt a phone number back in for voice calls. Similarly, opting back in for voice calls will not automatically opt a phone number back in for text messages.

Additionally for text messaging, you can enable our  Require Opt-In feature on the new text platform within the Settings section of the account. The Require Opt-In feature will honor any opt-ins that you had from our old platform and will only allow you to text contacts who have joined your list. See below on how to enable this option:

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