Upload a File of Contacts

You can upload a single sheet Excel or .CSV Comma Delimited file that contains your contacts into your Call-Em-All account.  

Through the CONTACTS section:

  • Click on your Everyone Folder and click on Upload a File. 
  • You can also upload a file of contacts directly into a Group you've created. Click on the group name and select Upload a File there.
  • Once you've clicked on Upload a File, instructions appear as well as a Need Help link, should you need some help. Once you've chosen your file, Call-Em-All will try to determine what each column in your file represents in terms of phone number, name, notes, and additional phone numbers for each contact. 

If you're having trouble uploading your file, try some of the following tips to help your file upload: 

  • Be sure there are not multiple tabs in your file.  
  • You must include at least one 10 digit phone number in your file.
  • Make sure your file is not open in another program.
  • Try modifying your column headers by clicking the Modify button before importing. 
  • Call-Em-All will automatically concatenate your file if your area code is in a different cell than the phone number.

If Call-Em-All got it wrong or you wish to override our estimations, you can always click Modify and tell us what each column in your file represents. That way, you know the data is being uploaded exactly as you intended it to be.

  • If we detect any bad records (contacts who can't be uploaded), you'll be able to see exactly which contacts are recorded as bad so you know which records won't be uploaded to your Call-Em-All account. Click View in the top right corner then click Bad Records to see exactly which records are reading as bad. 
  • If we detect any duplicate record (specifically any phone numbers that appear twice or more in your file), Call-Em-All will remove them for you. Click View in the top right corner then click Duplicate Records to see exactly which records are reading as a duplicate.
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