Managing Contacts

An easy way to manage your contacts and their phone numbers is through the CONTACTS tab in your Call-Em-All account. Within the CONTACTS tab, you can:

  • Create groups
  • Upload contacts
  • Manually add contacts
  • Edit and delete both contacts and groups
  • Export contacts
  • Search for contacts
  • Sort contacts
  • Move contacts
  • Start a Conversation with a contact

This gif below shows how to search within a certain group in your contacts. You can search by both letters or numbers and all results will appear:

This gif below shows how to sort your contacts. By clicking on each header (phone number, name by first name, name by last name, notes), you can sort by ascending and descending order:

This image below shows you how to move contacts into different groups. You can select several individuals at once to add them to a group in your contacts.

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