Contact Group List ID's

To launch a broadcast from your phone to a specific group you will need to know each groups List ID. This allows you to quickly send a call while you're on the go and does not require internet access. 

Call-Em-All with automatically assign each group that you created with a List ID. When you're ready for the calls to be made, just call (866) 623-7525. After you've successfully entered your Phone ID and PIN, you can press 1 to send a broadcast to everyone in your group, or 2 to send a broadcast to a specific group.
Please see below for steps to locate your List ID: 
  • Click CONTACTS 
  • Select the group on the left that you need the list ID for. "Unfiled" and "Deleted" do not have a List ID. The List ID for the "Everyone" group is 0. The groups you've created have List ID's automatically assigned to them in the order that you create the groups. You can also edit List ID's as needed.

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