Manage Your Replies

It is vital to view your broadcast replies after sending a text broadcast. This will allow you to respond to any contacts that have important questions and, more important, it will allow you to opt-out any contact(s) that wish to no longer receive messages from you.

A contact can opt out at anytime by responding STOP, END, CANCEL, or UNSUBSCRIBE to your toll-free number. Sometimes, however, a contact might reply with a message requesting to opt-out without using these words. By reviewing your text replies, you will know who to manually opt-out of future text messages so they no longer receive unwanted messages.

You can view your broadcast replies from your Broadcast Details page on your Home Screen. You can also view replies from the CONVERSATIONS section found at the top of your account. If a contact wishes to no longer be contacted, you can easily opt them out from either of these areas. Please see the quick demonstration below for instructions on where to find these areas and how to opt a contact out from these sections.

You are responsible for your own informed decisions regarding your Call-Em-All account and you are responsible for any use of our service. Failure to comply with your contacts' requests to no longer receive your messages would be a violation of our Responsible Use policy and our Terms of Use. Additionally, a contact can report your neglect and this could result in fines from the FCC. 

From Your Broadcast Details Page:

From Your Conversations Section:

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