Sending a Voice Only Broadcast

Once you log on to your Call-Em-All account, the first step to creating a broadcast is clicking on one of the two sections labeled CREATE A BROADCAST


Give your broadcast a name

Select “Voice Only” as the Message Type

Decide when you want your broadcast to start - immediately or at a specific date and time in the future.

Select the Broadcast Type

Confirm the caller ID number you wish to appear when a contact sees an incoming call. 


Decide who you want to receive this message. You have three options:

  • Add Contacts - will add numbers that are saved from your CONTACTS section
  • Upload - allows you to upload a file
  • Add Individually - provides a form to enter numbers in manually


Select the message you want to have applied to the broadcast.

Review the three sections to make sure everything is correct then click "Send Broadcast" or "Get Recording Instructions".

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