Using the Live Transfer Feature

Transfer is an optional feature you can enable on any voice broadcast, whether it be an Announcement or Survey. Recipients of a Transfer broadcast will be able to connect to your office or call center by pressing the number 0 on their keypad. 

Getting Set Up

  • Go to the SETTINGS section 
  • Go to the VOICE MESSAGE section
  • Click on the 'ADD TRANSFER NUMBER' icon
  • Add a transfer number and await a test call for approval.

Keep in mind...

Transfer Numbers - is the phone number of your office or call center. 

Transfer Lines - you have available at your office or call center. So as to not overwhelm your capacity, Call-Em-All will ensure that no more than this number of calls are being made simultaneously. In case your capacity changes, you can change the number of Transfer Lines at any time during a broadcast in step 1.

Using Live Transfer

  • You will then go through the normal steps of creating a broadcast. In the Settings section of the broadcast, be sure to check the box to enable the Live Transfer feature.  
    • You’ll notice that an extra step is added because you will need to record two voice messages.


  • Live Answer Message - In the event that a person picks up the phone, the recording will include the option to press the number 0 to be transfer to directly to your company. 
    • You must mention, in your audio, that recipients can transfer by pressing 0 on their keypad.
  • Voicemail Message - In the event that the system gets a voice mail, the recording is more of a general announcement. 


The transfer & connect feature is only available on the Credits Plan (pay-as-you-go). 

  • The cost to place the initial call out remains the same.  1 credit = 30 sec. message to one number.
  • If a call is transferred, 1 credit = 1 minute of connection time. 

Keep in mind....

Credits are normally pre-purchased.  A transfer message will complete, even if the account is low on credits.  The account will go to a negative status, and credits will need to be purchased again before another call can be placed.  

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