New Texting Platform

Here is a brief video describing the changes we've made to our new texting platform.

Here're a few more things to keep in mind.

  1. Your contacts have always been able to reply to your text messages, but you haven't been able to reply back. Now, you can choose to reply back or you can ignore these replies if you want. You can manage these replies in the Conversations Section.
  2. The 292929 short code was shared among all of our customers. It was the keyword you used that grouped your users together when they opted in. When you upgrade to the new platform, your keyword won't exist and messages will come from your new text number. Since there is no opt in anymore, all contacts with a number that can receive texts, will be eligible to send messages too. Don't worry though, existing contacts who have opted out will still be opted out - and your contacts can always opt out of any messages by replying STOP.
  3. You may still want to group contacts, or get new contacts. To do so, you can have people text "JOIN" to the new text number we assigned you. If you want to group people together, create a group in the Contacts Section and add people to it OR have them text "JOIN groupname" to your text number.

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