Using Your Own Number to Send a Text

Call-Em-All has the ability to send a text message from your own toll-free number or your own local phone number. 

When a text message appears to be coming from a local phone number that you own, it’s called long code messaging. Long code messages have some restrictions in place by wireless carriers that you will want to consider, including:

  • The local phone number must be a landline (not a cell phone or Google voice number)
  • Broadcasts must be sent to 50 phone numbers or less at a time
  • No more than 500 text messages can be sent per day

For best results and acceptable usage among the carriers, ensure your messages:

  • Do not include a URL, numbers, or special characters
  • Do not have a message in all CAPS or excessive punctuation!!!!

The ideal usage for long code messages would be for more personalized one to one communication, which is available in our CONVERSATIONS section of the account.

The major carriers like AT&T and Verizon will likely block your phone number from sending further text messages without contacting you if your usage does not align with the guidelines above. If you’d like to text with no restrictions to the number of recipients or number of messages per day, toll-free texting is the carrier approved option. 

In order to get started with sending messages from your own toll-free or local number, complete the attached document and email your form to  This form is then review by our support team and submitted to the carriers for approval.  Once the number has been approved you will be notified by our team that the number has been added to your account. 


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