Start a New Conversation

From the Conversations section, you can start a new conversation to one person or start a conversation to a group of people. You can send a text message to up to 15 numbers using the Conversations section.

  • Click on CONVERSATIONS towards the top of the account.
  • Add the contacts you wish to receive your text message (maximum of 15 numbers).
    • If you are adding multiple numbers, press enter after each entry.
    • Message sent will go to each recipient separately and replies will be seen by only you.
    • Messages that are 160 characters or less require one credit per recipient.  Messages that are over 160 characters require an additional credit per recipient.
    • Messages that include an image will be two credits per recipient
  • Type your text message in the Message content box.
  • Click SEND in the bottom right corner.

New Conversation can also be created to your contacts from the CONTACTS section of your account.  Click HERE to learn more.

Messages sent to more than one contact will be sent separately. Replies will be seen only in the Conversations section, contacts will not be able to view each other's replies. 

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