Voice Settings: Managing Calling Window

Your calling window is the time frame that broadcasts can be sent out. You can also manage if broadcasts need to carry over to the next day, should you reach your Calling Window Stop time, and the days you would like to be able to send broadcasts.  

  • Hover over the name in the top right hand corner
  • Click Settings
  • Click Voice Settings on the left hand side
  • Click Edit to update Calling Window
  • Click Edit to update Calling Days
Note: If you’d like to be able to send messages 24/7, you can set your calling window start time to 12:00 am and your calling window stop time to 11:59 pm (you will have to manually type 11:59 pm in the 'Calling Window Stop Time'). Also, broadcasts without first being created online will ignore the calling window and will be sent immediately.

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