Understanding Text Settings

Your text settings is where you can decide if you'd like to require contacts to opt in to receive text messages. You can also set up your Text Phone Launch information and see the toll free number(s) on your account. 

Our texting platform does not require contacts to be opted in to be able to receive text messages. If you'd like contacts to opt in to receive texts, you can enable a Required Opt In feature in your text settings. Should contacts be required to opt in to receive text messages, contacts can text JOIN to your toll free number

You can send text broadcasts from your phone without a computer as long as your contacts have previously been added to your account online and you have set up Text Launch Phone Number under your SETTINGS tab.

You can set up one cell phone number per account to send out Text Launch by Phone. 

To set up a phone number to send texts broadcasts:

  • Hover over the name in the top right hand corner
  • Click Settings
  • Click Text Settings
  • Click 'Setup Text Phone Launch' 
  • Enter in a cell phone number authorized to send texts broadcasts 
  • Click Save 

Now that you have set up your authorized cell phone number, our text launch system allows you to quickly send a text while you’re on the go. No internet access is required and your texts  will go out as soon as you type and send your message. Learn how to Launch a Text Broadcast here

When you launch a broadcast from your phone, your  calling window will be ignored and your calls will be sent immediately.

If you don't want to send your calls to everyone in your contact list, you can   choose a specific group in your contacts to call.

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