Customized message Text-To-Speech

    Call-Em-All offers a personalized message option.  Which allows you insert custom fields in to a text to speech message option. 

    Keep in mind this feature is only available on the Pay-As-You-Go plan (Credits) and if the account is API enabled.

    If API is not enabled in your account simply give us a call (877-226-3080) to have your account enabled.

    To access the account's personalized message feature, you will need to:

    • Sign In to your Call-Em-All account.
    • Access the LABS section of the account, located in the footer of the REPORTS page.

    After accessing the LABS page you will need to:

    1.  BUILD TTS TEMPLATE - which is creating a format to let our tool know what fields you would like to use from your file. 
    2. LAUNCH USING TEMPLATE - using the template to match the file format.


    • CHOOSE FILE you would like to use. 
      • IF: your file has column names assure the option is clicked that reads 'First row has column Names (remove row)
    • Confirm the fields in the file and IDENTIFY the data then click DONE CATEGORIZING

    • SET UP TEMPLATE - click and drag the fields to complete the template. 
      • Choose the VOICE you would like to use
      • Identify the PHONE number icon and insert in the number field
      • Add the fields you would like to include in the template of your message.

      As fields are added, a template will populate the fields included in your message (below).

      • Insert the text you would like to say between the custom fields. 
      • To verify click LISTEN TO CURRENT TEMPLATE to hear a sample of the audio message template. This will download a copy of the audio to your computer. 
      • Once you are happy with the audio message template you will need to give your template a name in the red description box and click SAVE THIS TEMPLATE. Once the template has saved a confirmation audio is downloaded to your computer.

Please Note: A template will only be made the first time you have a new file.  A template does not need to be create each time when using a file with the same fields.  If the fields vary or additional columns are added from what was used in the original template, you would need to build a new TTS template. 


    • CHOOSE FILE you would like to use in the exact format used to create the template. 
      • IF: your file has column names assure the option is clicked that reads 'First row has column Names (remove row)
    • Verify the information in your file matches the template being used and click DONE VERIFYING.
    • Indicate the time you would like the broadcast to be sent 
      • Specific date and time - yy/mm/dd hh:mm am/pm 
      • Immediate delivery - Leave the field blank 
    • Click LOAD RECORDS to upload the file to your template.  An audio is downloaded to your computer confirming the number of rows upload to the broadcast. 
    • Click LEAVE THE LAB to review the broadcast details on the HOME page. 

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