Recurring Message

Call-Em-All offers a recurring message option.  This feature works best for reminder calls, collection messages, or recurring events. 

This feature is only available on the Pay-As-You-Go plan (Credits).

To access the personalized feature, you will need to:

    • Sign In to your Call-Em-All account.
    • Access the LABS section of the account, located in the footer of the REPORTS page.

After accessing the LABS page you will need to:

  2. ADD A NEW SCHEDULE on the left side of the page.
  3. Set up the recurring broadcast schedule 
    • Name your recurring message.
    • Confirm the caller ID that will be displayed when making calls.
    • Select the group you would like to include in your message.
    • Enter the Start Date that you would like the message to start.
    • Enter the Ending Date that you would like the recurring message to stop.
    • Select the broadcast type
      • Announcement - Voice only message to all numbers
      • SMS/Text Message - Text message only to numbers that can receive a text message
      • SMS to Opt-Ins & Voice to remainder - Text message will be sent to mobile numbers and voice message will be sent to landlines
      • SMS to Opt-ins and Voice to ALL - Text message will be sent to mobile numbers and voice message will be sent to BOTH mobile numbers and landlines.
    • If SMS: 
      • Enter the text message you wish to be sent.
    • If Voice:
    • Select how often you would like the message to repeat

Recurring message option does include the following advance features:  

On the day of your reminder, you can set the system to repeat the message every :XX minutes Until: XX:XX am/pm time.

The advance settings also allows you to be notified each time a broadcast is complete.  

For example (below) the broadcast is scheduled to start at 11:00 am and will repeat every 5 minutes until 11:30 am before the message is complete. 

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