Navigating the Home Screen

The HOME page of your Call-Em-All account is the first page you see when you sign.  On your HOME page, you're able to view a snapshot of your current credit balance or monthly subscription as well as a list of the recent broadcasts created in your account. 

You can also view the Broadcast Details of a particular broadcast by simply clicking on the broadcast that you'd like to view. You can also hover over the results on the HOME page to quickly view results by category.

The image below shows you how to filter the broadcasts on your HOME screen to view just the broadcast types you'd like to see. You can filter your results to view by status (Active or Completed) or by Broadcast Type (Announcement, Survey, Transfer or Text).

The image below shows you how to sort the results on your HOME screen to view results in the order of your choosing.

Sorting your results will order or bundle messages by the selected sort selection. 

  • Default: Broadcasts will be sorted with active listed first (broadcasting, scheduled, and needs message) followed by completed broadcasts.
  • Status: Broadcasts will be sorted by any active broadcasts followed by completed, canceled, scheduled, and expired broadcasts (in that order).
  • Start Date: Broadcasts will be sorted by the start date, oldest to newest. 
  • Create Date: Broadcasts will be sorted by the create date, oldest to newest. 
  • Type:  Broadcasts will be sorted by broadcast type in the following order: announcement, survey, transfer, then text. 
  • Name: Broadcasts will be sorted alphabetically by the first name or number of the broadcast from A to Z.

Please note: Call-Em-All will save your filter and sort selections to make it easy for you to view broadcasts in the future.  If you're not seeing broadcasts that you expect to see, adjust your filters and sort preferences as needed. 

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