Text Number Options

Similar to phone calls, text messages must come from a pre-designated number which can be a toll free or local phone number.

Toll-Free Numbers (8XX numbers)
You can use a toll-free phone number that you already own or we can provide you with one, free of charge. Toll-free numbers tend to be the best option for mass texting communication. New carrier rules allow a toll-free number to send a message to a large group of phone numbers with few restrictions.
If the recipient calls your number, and it’s one we provided, we will play a courtesy message that informs the caller that this is a text only number. If you’re using your own toll free number, the number will perform as normal. 
Local Numbers
A local number is any phone number with a local area code. Local numbers can only be used if they are NOT currently text enabled and must be a landline number. Local numbers work almost exactly the same as toll-free numbers with one minor difference. Local numbers, used for texting, are much more regulated by the carriers.
Cell phone carriers limit how many messages can be sent from your local number hourly and daily If you exceed their limit, they could block your number from sending messages without letting you know it’s being blocked. If you need to contact a larger number of recipients, toll-free numbers are a better option.  This article that explains the carrier limitations associated with local number texting. 
Please Note: If a recipient replies to your message via text you will receive the response in your Call-Em-All account under the Conversations section. Click  here to learn about Conversations.
Changing your number
Updating the assigned number in your account is simple. You will want to follow the steps below:
  1. Contact our team via email at accountsupport@call-em-all.com or call us directly at 877-226-3080
  2. Complete a Letter of Authorization for the carriers to approve the new number details.
    • This process lets the carriers know that we have permission to send messages on your numbers behalf.
    • Once the letter has been submitted for approval, the carrier can take between 3-5 business to approve the number
  3. Our support team members will then notify you via email once your numbers is approved, so you can start to use your own number. 
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