WellConnect Program

WellConnect Program

The WellConnect program provides you access to a web-based messaging system that makes it easy to send text messages and phone calls to your patients. Through WellConnect, you can share important information with your patients. By saving time and resources, WellConnect will help you contain costs and increase office efficiency.

Staying connected with your patients allows you to create better patient experiences and provides a platform that brings awareness to patients regarding vaccinations and other health initiatives.

The WellConnect program can be used in a number of ways.  For instance, you could send a text message letting your patients know that flu shots are available or encourage them to make an appointment; think vaccination awareness.

However you utilize WellConnect within your office, you’ll have access to a platform that empowers your team to stay connected with your patients.

Program Details

Free Credits On Signing Up

When you create a Call-Em-All account under the WellConnect program 25 free credits will be added to your account. Use these credits to familiarize yourself with Call-Em-All by sending your first texts or calls.

Super Discounted Credits

Once you see how Call-Em-All can keep you WellConnect-ed to your patients, we’re sure you’ll want to use WellConnect frequently. That means you’ll need Call-Em-All credits. Fortunately, under the WellConnect program, credits are discounted -- just 3.5 cents per credit in any quantity versus 9 cents per credit for standard customers.

No More Sunshine Act Reporting

If you used WellConnect in the past you know that you had to submit a list of physicians that will benefit from the WellConnect program. In exchange, credits would be awarded to your Call-Em-All account. The dollar value of those credits would be spread amongst the physicians and reported to the Federal government in accordance with the Sunshine Act. Due to legal reasons, credits can no longer be awarded. On the bright side, this means that you no longer have to endure the drudgery of submitting physician information.

Support When You Need It

Technically this isn’t exclusive. At Call-Em-All, we pride ourselves on our around-the-clock support for every customer. If you have questions about WellConnect or Call-Em-All, just shoot us an email or pick up the phone. You can also chat with us from inside your Call-Em-All account. Want to schedule a demo so that you can get the most out of WellConnect and Call-Em-All? Just give us a call!

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