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A phone number can opt out of receiving future messages from your account at any time. Call-Em-All will maintain a list of all numbers that have opted out of both voice and text broadcasts within your account. The Call-Em-All system will not message any number that has previously opted out through your Call-Em-All account even if the number is accidentally included in a future broadcast. 

The Opt Out report is visible to the master account holder as well as all messengers by hovering over the name in the upper right, clicking Reports, and then selecting Opt Out Report:

Adding Phone Numbers to your Opt Out Report

While Call-Em-All will automatically add phone numbers that choose to opt out to your Opt Our Report, you also have the option to manually add phone numbers by selecting "+ADD AN OPT-OUT" or by uploading an Excel or CSV spreadsheet of several numbers by selecting "UPLOAD A FILE." You'll have the option to the opt the number(s) out of voice, text, or both:

Removing or Modifying Phone Numbers on the Opt Out Report

If a recipient changes their mind and would like to begin receiving your messages again, you can remove or modify their opt out status. By clicking on the phone number, you can choose to opt them back in for voice, text, or both. Keep in mind that you must agree that this recipient has given you consent. Additionally, if the individual chose to opt out of texting from their cell phone, you cannot opt them back in. They must text the word unstop to your text number.

Sorting, Filtering, & Exporting the Opt Out Report

You have the option to sort your Opt Out Report by date added and phone number. You can also search or filter by opt out type and date added. Finally, you have the option to export your Opt Out Report to a file:

Editing a phone number's opt out status from Contacts

You also have the option to edit a phone number's opt out status from within the Contacts section if the number is currently stored as a contact in your account. Simply click on the contact, select the Opt In/Out tab, and save the necessary changes.

This article explains  how a contact can opt out of your messages. Please note: When a number opts out from a text message, we will block your account from sending BOTH voice and text messages to that number.

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