Credit Balance Report

The Credit Balance Report allows Pay As You Go users to view all adjustments to your balance of credits. To access the Credit Balance, hover over the name in the upper right, select Reports, and then choose the Credit Balance Report option.

This report can be sorted and filtered by multiple options. You can sort by date, user, type of of credit, and number of credits by clicking the header of each column. The default sort option is by date. You can also use the Search function to search the Notes column.

You can also filter the report by the type of credit deducted or added (voice broadcast, text broadcast, autoreply, conversation, manual entry, free trial, purchase, and refund). Additionally, you can filter the credit balance by a certain date range (preset option or custom dates) as well as user on your account. You are able to have multiple filters applied at once if you'd like (Ex: date range for a certain user).

Finally, you can export the Credit Balance Report to a CSV spreadsheet by selecting the down arrow icon.
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