Credit Balance Report

The Credit Balance Report allows Pay As You Go users to view all adjustments to your balance of credits. 

View Credit Balance Report

  • Click the name on the upper right 
  • Select Reports 
  • Choose the Credit Balance Report

Sort Credit Balance Report

You can sort by date, user, type of credit, and the number of credits. The default sort option is by date.
  • Clicking the header of each column 

Filter Credit Balance Report

You can filter the report by type, date, and user. You can use multiple filters at once.
  • Types: Voice Broadcast, Text Broadcast, MMS Text Broadcast, MMS Conversation, Autoreply, Conversation, Manual Entry, Free Trial, Purchase, and Refund.
  • Date: Choose between a time period or custom dates.
  • User: Choose one or more Users. 

Export Credit Balance Report

 You can export the Credit Balance Report to a CSV spreadsheet.
  • Click the down arrow icon on the report page
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