Creating Text Templates

Call-Em-All offers a  text templates option that will allow you to add a previously created text message into your text broadcast. 

The text templates allow you to create and share stored text messages so you can reuse a text message at any time. 

When creating your text broadcast, in step 3, you can add a text template where the system would typically allow you to type out your text message.


You'll want to select 'Use Template' and select an existing template or click 'Create Template' to add to your text field. You can also edit a template before adding it to your text broadcast. Once you have added your text template, you can edit the body of the text and/or add personalized fields if you'd like. 

Here's an example showing how to create an appointment reminder.

Please note: If you are a master account holder, you are able to share your templates with your Users by moving the toggle to 'Share with Users' when creating a template.

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