Using Call-Em-All in Ultra-Staff EDGE

If you have an Ultra- Staff EDGE account, you can use Call-Em-All's text and voice broadcasting, as well as 2-way text conversation services there. In Ultra-Staff EDGE, you can launch text broadcasts, review results, as well as engage in Text Conversations in the Candidate's profile. 

Connecting to Ultra-Staff EDGE

To connect your Call-Em-All and Ultra- Staff EDGE accounts, log into Ultra-Staff EDGE and navigate to the Utilities button under Tools. From there, find SMS Settings, click on it, and then select SMS Setup.

At this screen, simply select the Call-Em-All option and type in your Call-Em-All username and password. That's it!

Note: You need to accept Call-Em-All's Terms of Use prior to using the integration. You can do this by either logging into or following the instructions below:

Setting Numbers as Textable in Ultra-Staff EDGE

To be able to text your phone numbers in EDGE, you want to make sure you flag the number as "Ok to Text". The screenshot below shows this:

Text Conversations

Text Conversations are two-way text conversations between you and a contact in Ultra- Staff EDGE

To initiate a Conversation, simply search for the contact in Ultra- Staff EDGE and go to their Candidate Profile. From there, find their mobile number. Next to that number is a text icon. Click the icon to display your Text Conversation with that individual.

Text and Voice Broadcasts

A Text Broadcast is what you do when you want to send one text to more than one person people at the same time. Note: any text broadcasts you send out, all the outbound messages will be logged in each contact's profile, so you won't have to manually log who received which messages.

There are 10 different places in Ultra- Staff EDGE you can initiate this. They all follow the same rules, so the example below will serve us fine here:

First, go to Candidate Search and run a search for the candidates you want to contact.

Once the candidates are pulled up, put a check next to every candidate you want to send a message to.

Then, in the Actions drop down, select "Send Text". 

To complete your Broadcast, follow the steps that pop up on your screen. You can also choose to send voice messages to your contacts in step 1. You can learn more about text broadcasts here

NOTE: Your contacts will be sent to Call-Em-All and automatically appear in Step 2 - Recipients.

Admin Only: Managing Text Conversations

For those who are managing their team's Call-Em-All account, meaning you are the master owner of the account, you can access a full view of all Text Conversations. This is helpful if you want to make sure there are no contacts who are awaiting a response from a team member, or maybe you just want to see who all is talking to who on your team. 

To do this, navigate to the Utilities button under Tools. From there, find SMS Settings, click on it, and then select Call-Em-All.

Your Call-Em-All Conversations view will open, allowing you to see every textable number your team has, and all the Conversations that are going on between your number and the selected contact.

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