New to Call-Em-All Where to Start

If you are new to Call-Em-All these directions will help get you started quickly. If you need HELP at any time, our 24/7 support is here for you. Welcome to Call-Em-All, where we believe what you have to say matters.

Step One - Get To Know Us

Call-Em-All is a robust, powerful communication tool. However, with great power comes great responsibility. At Call-Em-All we believe in using our work for good. That means we are strict about what types of messages go out on our system. 

Take a moment to read these articles to help understand who we are, what we allow, and how we might be able to help you.

Suggested Reading: 
No Spam Policy
Our Manifesto
What is Consent?
Our Stance on Privacy

Step Two - Create Your Account

Now that you know who we are, it's time to see what we can DO

Create a FREE-TRIAL account today. No credit card required. 

You will have UNLIMITED access to the Call-Em-All's software. See everything Call-Em-All is capable of, and try out the service on us with 25 free credits. 

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Creating Your Account

Step Three - Choose Your Path

Once you have an account, you can go to create broadcast or conversations to send messages, or you can start adding contacts. We have helpful articles on how to accomplish whichever path you choose. 

Create Broadcast

Sending a voice broadcast? Just a text? How about both? We have you covered. 


Need to receive replies for text broadcasts or quickly message up to 15 contacts? Check our conversations feature.

Add Contacts

We work hard to make sure adding, editing, and deleting contacts is as easy as possible. Adding permanent contacts is optional, but is good if you plan to contact the same numbers multiple times.

Step Four - Pick Your Platform

Call-Em-All has several ways for you to easily set up and send a broadcast. 

Web Application

Just head to on your desktop computer (or any device with an internet browser)

Log in using your username and password. 

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Mobile App

Just head to on your mobile device.  

Be sure to save this webpage to your devices home screen. 

From here you can log-in and begin using our mobile app. 

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Creating Text Broadcasts vial Mobile App

Phone Launch

When you are on the go and don't have access to a computer you can use our phone launch system to record and send your messages from any phone. 

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Launching a Text Broadcast by Phone

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