Understanding Rejected Messages

Using our service, customers send millions of messages a month to their contacts. While customers are ultimately responsible for the messages that are sent through our platform and it’s impossible to review them all, we use a filtering system to help identify messages that may not align with our Terms of Use and Responsible Use.

Why was my message rejected? 

Common Reasons

We do not allow any of the following

* Third-Party Consent - do not use Call-Em-All to send messages to phone numbers that were not given directly to you or your organization.

* Political calls - including calls for soliciting votes or supporting/opposing issues.

* Telemarketing or promotional calls - including any call designed to induce the purchase of a good or service. Put simply, don’t use our service to encourage people to buy something. Period.

* Charitable contribution calls - any calls soliciting donations including calls to previous donors.

If this was your only intention for using our service. Please contact our service team and we would be happy to issue a refund for any purchases. 

Suggested Reading:
  No Spam Policy
  Our Manifesto
  What is Consent?
  Our Stance on Privacy

Non-English Language Messages:

Messages are allowed in non-English languages, however, they need to be approved through our customer support service ahead of time. This is to ensure the message is adhering to our Terms of Service. 

* Email cs@call-em-all.com with a transcript of your non-English language message and an explanation of who the message is for. Our team will get back with you shortly. 

MMS Rejections:

In some rare cases, an MMS image may be rejected for explicit content when it is not explicit. If you encounter this issue please Contact Us.

How do I know if my message was rejected?


  • Click on Conversations
  • Locate and click on the conversation you believe was rejected
  • Click on the conversation to see if a message was rejected


If your message originated from Create Broadcast our system will automatically generate an email that is sent to the email address associated with the account with the reason for the rejection as well as instructions on how to proceed.

  • Click HOME
  • Locate and click on the rejected broadcast's title
  • A brief description will be located on the SUMMARY page with an option to view MORE DETAILS

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