Add an Image to a Text Template in Message Library

You may add an image to a new or existing text template in your Message Library if you are on the Pay-As-You-Go-Plan.

Add an Image to a New Text Template 

  • Click Message Library
  • Click Text Library
  • Click Add a Template
  • Give your template a name
  • Type your template message
  • Click the Insert Image icon
  • Select your image
  • Click Create

Add an Image to an Existing Text Template

  • Click Message Library
  • Click Text Library
  • Hover over the template and click the Edit icon shaped like a pencil
  • Click the Insert Image icon
  • Select your image
  • Click Save

Image (MMS) Message Credit Cost

All image (MMS) messages cost 2 credits per recipient, regardless of message character length. (Not available for monthly)

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