Creating a Personalized Text Message

Call-Em-All offers a personalized text messaging option that will allow you to add personalized fields to your new conversations. 

The personalized text messages allow you to add a contact first name, last name, or notes to your text message. 

When starting a new conversation, you can add personalized text while creating your text message or after you have typed out your text message. 

Simply start typing your text message and when you're ready to add a personalized field click the icon with a person on it. You can add a first name, last name, and/or notes field to your text message. If your contact does NOT have a first name, last name, or note field associated with their contact record you have the option to add a default value. 

Once you have completed your text with the personalized fields, click 'Apply Personalization'. 

If you have any contact records missing a personalized field, the system will show you have issues found by putting the contact record in red for you to resolve.

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