Creating Personalized Text Messages With Custom Fields

Call-Em-All offers a personalized text messaging option that will allow you to add personalized fields in your text messages. 

The personalized text messages allow you to add a contacts first name, last name, notes, or any other custom data you might need to add to your text message. 

When creating your text broadcast, in step 2, you can upload a file with the custom data you'd like to include in your text messages. In step 3, you can add the personalized custom fields text while creating your text message or after you have typed out your text message. 

Simply start typing your text message and when you're ready to add a personalized field click 'Personalize.' You can add a first name, last name, notes, and/or custom fields to your text message. If your contact does NOT have a first name, last name, or notes field associated with their contact record, you have the option to add a default value. 

Once you have completed your text with the personalized fields, click 'Apply Personalization.' 

The system will confirm how many valid records you have with the ability to preview your message. If you have any contact records missing a personalized field, the system will show you have issues found. 

Click 'View/Edit' issues to view the contact records that are missing fields. You can select the pencil icon to the right of the contact record to fix the issue and add in the missing field. You can also select the circle icon to exclude the contact from the broadcast. Once you have resolved the issues click 'Close.' 

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