Blocked Text Numbers

Occasionally, text numbers can be blocked by carriers when they suspect the text number is sending spam or unwanted messages. While this is out of Call-Em-All's hands, we know that this experience can be frustrating. We try to be proactive in notifying our users when their text messages are not being sent due to suspected spam by cell phone carriers. 

What does "blocked" mean?

If carriers believe the text messages being sent from your text number are spam, they are likely to block the number from transmitting messages. While Call-Em-All does its best to identify spam-like messages, the carriers are responsible for monitoring spam or unwanted messages to the public and have implemented their own filtering programs. These programs are completely created and managed by the carriers. To prevent true spammers from working around their parameters, carriers do not share exactly what words, phrases, or terms cause a message (and text number) to be blocked. 

How does a number become unblocked?

Once a message or text number has been blocked, Call-Em-All will temporarily disable the blocked number in your account to prevent future messages from being sent unsuccessfully. Simultaneously, our team immediately begins working with the carriers to remove the block. A part of this process includes clarifying use case and the consent you've obtained. If this information is unclear, we may reach out to you to learn more.

As soon as the number has been reinstated, you will receive an update to the email address on file from our system and may resume sending messages from that number.

How do I send my text messages now?

In the meantime, we do have a couple of options to still complete your important messages. 

  1. Sending a voice message - The blocked number only impacts text broadcasts.  For immediate delivery of important messages feel free to create a voice broadcast to send a voice recording to all your contacts.
  2.  Sending text from an alternate text number - Call-Em-All allows you to have multiple text numbers in the account.  If you wish to complete a text message from an alternate text number in your account, feel free to select a different number to text from.  If your account does not have an alternative text number, contact our support team so that an additional text number can be assigned to your account. 

Best practices when sending mass text messages

While a blocked number by the carriers is out of our control, there are some best practices to keep in mind as you compose your message to minimize the chances of being blocked. 

  • Clearly state your audience (i.e. employees, members) 
  • Use a branded URL shortener, for example, Disney uses
  • Avoid using URL shorteners from free websites like or tinyURL
  • Do not include a callback number that is different from the number you are sending the message from (Call forwarding is available for Call-Em-All text numbers)
  • Minimize usage of all caps and excessive punctuation (THANKS, ASAP, @, %, !!!, ???)

As always, our support team is here to answer any questions you might have.  Feel free to reach out to our team to contact us anytime at or call 877-226-3080.

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