Cancelling or Closing Your Account

If you've found this article and are looking to cancel your Call-Em-All account, we'd love to take a moment to pause with you and learn why. Contact us at (877) 226-3080 or email us at If there's something we can be doing better to serve you, we're all ears.

Cancelling with Credits

If you are set on cancelling on our Pay As You Go plan with credits, you will not need to close your account because credits never expire. 

Cancelling a Monthly Subscription

If you are on our Monthly plan, to cancel your account, click on My Account and then navigate to Convert to Pay-As-You-Go, Put Subscription on Hold, or Cancel Subscription.

You can always put your account on hold if you don't need us right this moment; we'll be here ready when you are. Not using Call-Em-All enough for the Monthly plan? Our credits plan may be what you need.

You'll be asked to answer a few short questions about why you are cancelling. We hate to lose you after trying to help. If there's anything we can do to retain your business, we would love to hear your thoughts.  If you have already moved to another company, we would also love to hear what suggestions you have so that we do better for other customers who might feel similarly frustrated.

Once you press Complete Cancellation, your account has been cancelled. 

To learn about our Refunds, click here.

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